The Freshest Ingredients come from the garden...


So I've planted my own! Check it out on the Food page!

The Quest for the Perfect Millionaire's Shortbread - In the Works!

I grew up adoring Millionaire's Shortbread and dreaming of the day that we'd go into the bakery when visiting Scotland to get a little bite of heaven. When I started baking, I needed to find a recipe so that I could make my own, but it's still not perfect. SO! In the next few months, I will be testing all the elements to find the perfect recipe for each to combine together to make the perfection that is created every day in the U.K.  Stay tuned and feel free to experiment and vote on what you think is the best!

I'm in love...with a camera!


The new photos are here along with a decadent recipe for Bailey's Infused Chocolate Mousse! Tell me what you think! View the new photos and recipe by clicking

Photos of Higher Quality Soon to Come!

I finally splurged on a Digital SLR camera! I've wanted one forever, and I have a little bit of money now that I'm not paying out of my nose for health insurance and car insurance (Go with the Gecko, folks). I bought an Olympus Evolt e520 which comes with a 14 - 42mm lens. It's a great camera (not the best by any means) and the lens is pretty impressive for a beginner. I fully intend to learn more about lighting (and finding a place to photograph with the best natural light possible, because that ain't in my kitchen!) and I hope to be presenting my food to you in my very own, better quality photographs.
Tirrah for now!

2010, and one resolution partially fulfilled!

First of all, Happy New Year to all!
I've decided to start out the new year with a blog...After cooking for a few years for my own guilty pleasure and to satisfy those of other people, I've decided to join the multitude of food blogs out there. I don't want to be like everyone else though, so I'm adding some of my other guilty pleasures: knitting, photography, traveling, and my main pleasure: music. To be honest, I just want to get into recipe and pattern writing so that I can give back to all those from whom I've taken!
The past few years have been spent pouring over Julia Child's cookbooks, watching Top Chef and other such culinary shows, and learning from the masters in any way I can. I've also spent countless hours over the past year on enjoying every second of looking at recipes and photos of food and learning more than I can say about food preparation and ingenuity from other bloggers. So here we go...!

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