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I have this great recipe for Chicken Biryani that I made with my beloved roommate last year and our good friend Mischa. That time we had most of the spices, but I have to say I was missing a few this time: cardamom, mint, and I took a short cut and covered for those with garam masala. But you'll notice that the biryani isn't it's normal yellow color and that's because it's lacking saffron.
It's still delicious though!

Read more for the full recipe and step by step photos!

I sometimes take care of my voice teacher's husband who is in his very late 80s and is rather picky about his food. He normally mutters something about dinner being "OK" or "good" but I just whipped something up that was nice and simple but delicious this past weekend and i got an "MMMMM!" and a "Delicious!" to start and finish the meal! Improvements if I'd been at home: I probably would have made a light, lemony risotto instead of just cooking rice.

(Excuse the lack of photos recently. I'm working on my food photography skills and trying to get the lighting a bit better in our kitchen!)