John and I were originally going to go out for a fancy dinner on New Year's Eve until we found out he had to close at work...and thus the delicious, but homemade feast of my last post. We decided we still wanted to go out to Twist, which is John's favorite restaurant in Hyde Park, so we simply moved our reservation to New Year's Day.
We were not disappointed! What a way to start out the new year...John ordered the Filet Mignon with peppercorn sauce, sauteed spinach, and a to-die-for cauliflower and aged goat cheese risotto (you'll probably notice that I'm a nut for risotto...). They seem to have forgotten to put his filet on the grill, so we were surprised with a free duck confit salad with pear and vinaigrette that was a great accompaniment to the snow falling outside and the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo we were drinking.
I ordered the Lamb Chop special which was accompanied with bacon and shallot brussel sprouts, garlic white beans, and finished with a light and subtle Pomegranate Jus (a fabulous idea this time of year, with pomegranate's being in season!). The lamp lollipops were cooked to perfection and John's filet was beautiful...We soon realized we would have to try out dessert, just to see what original combinations the young chefs had come up with.

And we certainly weren't disappointed. We originally were going to split something (that whole "healthy" thing), but then the Eggnog Pannacotta was brought up and John just had to have it (I'm admittedly not a huge fan of eggnog...sorry happy, holiday Eggnogers). I went for the Pear Crisp with (in house made, of course) Rosemary Ice Cream. The Pear Crisp was warming and crumbly and the Rosemary Ice Cream a lot more subtle than I'd imagined; a good thing! John was in absolute ecstasy with the PannaCotta, which came with Ginger Snaps, and I even had to admit it was amazing. Yum!
If you're ever up in the Hyde Park area, I highly recommend this place. It's a contemporary atmosphere, but quiet enough that you can hear the person across the table. The owner is a C.I.A. graduate (that's "Culinary Institute of America" not the badass governmental spy branch) and has designated two very young men (who actually have had no culinary training other than what they've learned and taught themselves in Twist's own kitchen!) as the head chefs. Awesome!