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The other day Maestro lent me Julia Child's The French Chef DVDs, which sent me into yet another Julia Child tizzy. I love the woman, what can I say? If you've never watched these classics, episodes of her old TV show, you should. Not only is she an amazing cook who not only changed her viewpoint on life and food but also that of most of America, she is absolutely enchantingly adorable to watch; tripping over words, dropping things on the stovetop only to throw them back in to the pan (WHO is going to know??), adding tablespoon after unmeasured tablespoon of butter, cream, and cheese, and finishing with her beautifully awkward "Bon appetit," the show is as entertaining to watch as it is educational.
After watching the potato episode, Miss L and I decided we should try out her Crepes de pommes de terre recipe. It was relatively easy, sounded delicious, and we had most of the ingredients on hand. The pictures aren't gorgeous, but then again, neither are potatoes...As Julia says, they're "perfectly delicious"...

Read on for recipe and photos...
I came home early Tuesday because we had gotten 2 inches in the span of two hours and that led to baking chocolate chip cookies (at John's suggestion)...then making Aloo Paratha (because we finally had potatoes and whole wheat flour)...then making a fast version of Chicken Korma from Madhur Jaffey's Quick & Easy Indian Cooking (because we were in charge of dinner all of a sudden).  We ended up getting 15 inches over the span of 20 or so hours. Pretty amazing!

Read more for the recipes and (mostly) step by step photos!

EDIT 1/25/2010: Here are the beautiful purple potatoes.

Going back in time a bit...(I haven't been cooking much since Conor's home and the boys have been experimenting in the kitchen!): I made a Potato Leek Soup in December for a few reasons..
1. It reminds me of my momma
2. It's a Julia Child recipe
3. It's cold and soup is the best remedy
4. I had beautiful potatoes and leeks to use from our Thanksgiving share!

I found the recipe here, on, but I found that I made some changes to it. The first and most important being that my potatoes turned out to be purple!! I wish I had a picture of the lovely lilac color the whole soup turned. It was surprisingly appetizing = )