Sweet, but not too sweet, crumbly, but not falling apart, this is an amazing pie for summer. The cherries were fresh and delicious and it was a nice refreshing end to the heavy BBQ we provided our friends on July 4th. Yum!

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Just at the end of rhubarb season, Miss L and I knew we had to get our hands on some to make the essential for summer Strawberry Rhubarb Pie...And what better time to have something sweet and tart to eat than a night dedicated to watching THE Julia Child in her element?

I have to admit, though, Julia would have been disappointed. I didn't have the time to make the pastry the night before so we used a store bought crust (may the food gods all shun me...). It was still succulent and delicious and we added a streusel topping which certainly took from the startling tartness of the rhubarb (which Miss L tried raw and promptly spat back out. Give it a try some time! You'd never believe that's the flavor that counters the sweetness of the strawberries perfectly in this pie).

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