Just to be nice to all the vegetarians who decided to come to our BBQ, I decided to make lentil veggie burgers. I recently went to a local restaurant that cooks with all local and organic produce…They make the best veggie burger I’ve ever had and I’m pretty sure there were no lentils or beans. It just tasted so fresh and veggie-licious! So the ultimate goal is to find a recipe like that but for now I’ll stick with this one, which did turn out pretty tasty. Vegetarian and Carnivore approved!

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Ever made cheese before? Because you should!

The lovely Batt Girl is a well experienced cheesemaker so she, Frau, and I decided to not only make cheese, but then use it for pizza! The only things we didn’t make (or grow) on this pizza were the sauce, the mushrooms, and the tomatoes (and only because they’re not quite in season).

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Just a simple Tuesday night dinner...good ol' summery comfort food. BBQ Pork Chops and *cough* store bought *cough* mac and cheese!

Sprinkle your boneless loin chops with some cayenne pepper (careful on this one unless you love yourself some spice), paprika, black pepper (freshly ground of course), and some granulated onion.

Throw in a skillet with some olive oil on medium to medium high heat and brown on both sides (3 - 4 minutes per side).

Cover for a few minutes to get the insides fully cooked.


Serve with your favorite mac and cheese, be it non lazy homemade stuff or lazy store bought stuff. It all tastes awesome with some BBQ sauce!

I'm actually thinking about trying to make a BBQ mac and cheese...it'd be pretty amazing. I know S'Mac has already made a BBQ chicken wing one with blue cheese, but you don't even need the chicken and cheese!

The other day Maestro lent me Julia Child's The French Chef DVDs, which sent me into yet another Julia Child tizzy. I love the woman, what can I say? If you've never watched these classics, episodes of her old TV show, you should. Not only is she an amazing cook who not only changed her viewpoint on life and food but also that of most of America, she is absolutely enchantingly adorable to watch; tripping over words, dropping things on the stovetop only to throw them back in to the pan (WHO is going to know??), adding tablespoon after unmeasured tablespoon of butter, cream, and cheese, and finishing with her beautifully awkward "Bon appetit," the show is as entertaining to watch as it is educational.
After watching the potato episode, Miss L and I decided we should try out her Crepes de pommes de terre recipe. It was relatively easy, sounded delicious, and we had most of the ingredients on hand. The pictures aren't gorgeous, but then again, neither are potatoes...As Julia says, they're "perfectly delicious"...

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