It’s like a cold chicken korma with grapes! That may not sound appetizing to you put that way, but daaaaaaamn. SO. GOOD. Plus it’s that gorgeous yellow curry color and you get the burst of flavor and purple from the grapes…I wish we had leftovers, but it all went so fast!

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Sorry I've been so bad about keeping up with the blogging! I have a couple new recipes to add as well as a fun sushi making experience = ) But first! My favorite meal at Chinese restaurants and now I can make a delicious version at home...without the MSG. The recipe suggested broccoli, which is the dish's usual accompaniment, but I have been loving cauliflower a lot recently (and we'd just run out of broccoli), so that's what I used.

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I came home early Tuesday because we had gotten 2 inches in the span of two hours and that led to baking chocolate chip cookies (at John's suggestion)...then making Aloo Paratha (because we finally had potatoes and whole wheat flour)...then making a fast version of Chicken Korma from Madhur Jaffey's Quick & Easy Indian Cooking (because we were in charge of dinner all of a sudden).  We ended up getting 15 inches over the span of 20 or so hours. Pretty amazing!

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I have this great recipe for Chicken Biryani that I made with my beloved roommate last year and our good friend Mischa. That time we had most of the spices, but I have to say I was missing a few this time: cardamom, mint, and saffron...so I took a short cut and covered for those with garam masala. But you'll notice that the biryani isn't it's normal yellow color and that's because it's lacking saffron.
It's still delicious though!

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Weeknight Chicken

1/13/2010 11:07:24


I sometimes take care of my voice teacher's husband who is in his very late 80s and is rather picky about his food. He normally mutters something about dinner being "OK" or "good" but I just whipped something up that was nice and simple but delicious this past weekend and i got an "MMMMM!" and a "Delicious!" to start and finish the meal! Improvements if I'd been at home: I probably would have made a light, lemony risotto instead of just cooking rice.

(Excuse the lack of photos recently. I'm working on my food photography skills and trying to get the lighting a bit better in our kitchen!)