Finally got to use up our last Butternut Squash! This recipe is from Cooking with Michele, but I have to say it wasn't clear enough and I had to use my knowledge of roux-making to make it work out! So below you can find my version of the recipe, and if you're interested in seeing the original, you can find it here.
Finally! Using up one of the three (3!!) Butternut Squash that came in our enormous Thanksgiving Farm Share. (This year Bard had a connection with one of the local farms, called Hearty Roots, and we were able to get a HUGE, and I mean HUUUUUGE, amount of vegetables for $45. They have lasted for ages, obviously, but it was a struggle and a challenge to figure out to do with some of the things, i.e. celeriac, daikon, etc...). I've been meaning to make Butternut Squash Risotto for quite some time and was finalyl able to last night. I used a recipe I found through Tastespotting (shocking, I know). This recipe was posted by Pink Parsley, and the photo credit goes to them as well.

Butternut Squash Risotto
(To see the original recipe, click here. This one includes my changes and comments!)
Serves 6 as a main course (trust me, we had 2 main course servings and there's a LOT left!), 8 - 10 as a side